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The Ruddick Int'l Group is a strategic business planning and executive coaching consultancy.  Specialties include plans and strategies impacting emerging and shifting markets; techno-market feasibility evaluations; market due diligence investigations for new ventures, mergers and acquisitions; service performance programs, as well as executive coaching and entrepreneurial strategies for enterprises with a mission of community-building.
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Niche Strengths of the Ruddick Int'l Group
Customer Relationship Policy
Senior Management Perspective
Marketing Communication Planning
Customer Satisfaction / Institutional Image
Market Investigation Approach
Entrepreneurial Community-Building Programs
SEERCAST® Global Forecast: The Paradigm Shifts and Issues of Significance
Computer, Telecommunications and High Technology Trends & Dynamics
Electronic Media and Audience Development
Oilfield, Offshore & Environmental Equipment, Contracting and Services Markets
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What Others Are Saying

I first came to appreciate Morris Ruddick's insight and expertise when a series of new laws and regulations produced a watershed change in the financial services industry. Our task was to produce a long-term strategy which addressed the change, dealt with the reversals we had experienced, and increased both market share and profitability. Morris counseled us on developing our strategic position and re-designed the product lines to help us attain our tactical and strategic goals. Was it successful? We obliterated competition, executed a well planned identity program, increased our market presence, reversed the loss in market share and had truly astounding gains in revenue and profit. And in the process, we even won some awards for the advertising he directed. - George Allison, President, American Charter Federal ($1.4 billion institution)

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