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Over the past five years, the Ruddick Int'l Group has conducted five management studies for Callidus. The quality of the work was excellent, both in accuracy and content. In each instance, Mr. Ruddick exceeded our expectations. Morris has the gift of getting hard-to-get, needed information with much depth. His insights and evaluations are always excellent. He is quick to understand and grasp the essential objectives we seek. Each of his reports were concise, complete and on target. Without reservation or hesitation, we would strongly recommend the use of the Ruddick Int'l Group's services.

Morris Ruddick has a unique ability to identify central issues within multi-faceted operations and then design effective marketing communication approaches. My experience with Morris was primarily in the oil field service area, where he has a great deal of expertise. He also has significant experience within other service industries.

Over the years I have worked with Morris Ruddick in varying capacities. Morris does what he says he will do, when he says he will do it, and surprises you with the results by exceeding expectations. He conducts business in an open, direct, and professional manner ... a joy to work with.

I've known Morris Ruddick for over seven years. Morris has impressed me as a man of integrity, who quickly captures the essentials of any assignment he is a part of. He is a forthright professional who can always be relied upon to deliver what he promises.

Morris has helped get the information required to make critical decisions through a variety of fast-moving corporate developments such as acquisitions, product development and re-positioning and corporate image reshaping. His market instincts are good and his techniques yield reliable results rapidly.

Over the years I have used Ruddick Int'l for a number of projects, including a feasibility study for a business venture, a national study to assess market potential for a new telecommunications service and a marketing positioning study for a household consumer product for Clorox Corporation. In every case, Morris has provided a first-rate, timely product. Ruddick Int'l's evaluations are always thorough and their recommendations very insightful.

Morris Ruddick has a strong international background that gives him the ability to assist joint business ventures both in the United States and abroad. Morris Ruddick is a name that can be trusted to represent the interest of Colorado businesses internationally.

I first came to appreciate Morris Ruddick's insight and expertise when a series of new laws and regulations produced a watershed change in the financial services industry. Our task was to produce a long-term strategy which addressed the change, dealt with the reversals we had experienced, and increased both market share and profitability. Morris counseled us on developing our strategic position and re-designed the product lines to help us attain our tactical and strategic goals. Was it successful? We obliterated competition, executed a well planned identity program, increased our market presence, reversed the loss in market share and had truly astounding gains in revenue and profit. And in the process, we even won some awards for the advertising he directed.

I have known and worked with Morris Ruddick for about 20 years. Morris has the unique ability to move from one project to another and maintain his focus on the project at hand. He has demonstrated effective problem solving, analysis and communication skills in a variety of situations. He has the vision and foresight needed for strategic planning and the practitioner orientation to focus on tactics and results giving him the balance of skills needed by an effective administrator.

Morris Ruddick and the Ruddick Int'l Group quickly caught our vision and the need in addressing awareness and misconceptions of our flagship television program. From day one, they became the experts, providing solid direction. In the evaluation of an Awareness/Image Campaign we were conducting, their campaign results synopsis and findings were concise and easy to understand. Morris is not afraid to give you the good with the bad. Morris Ruddick is no spin doctor; he exposes your weaknesses right along with your strengths. Morris helped demonstrate to senior management that there was confusion in the marketplace over our product, allowing us to directly target misconception through our TV, radio and print advertising. The results were a three fold increase in viewers trying our show for the first time, plus a 15% increase in rating for a campaign that was designed only to increase awareness! We appreciated their close personal service with meticulous attention to details. We were made to feel like we were the Ruddick Int'l Group's only client.

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