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The management of the Ruddick Int’l Group embraces a body of principles, values and beliefs that incorporate the foundational basis of the free enterprise system. These tenets hold that successful corporations are relationally-oriented—with special focus on their clients, employees, stakeholders, alliance partners and communities. That position means corporations give back and are good citizens employing proactive initiatives that build the communities they serve.

This represents the opportunity for both growth and service for clients with expansion plans into the international sector. By replicating client specialties with a strategy of micro-business community building, client subsidiaries gain local support and the potential for stable, long-term relationships.

The primary model for our program is best illustrated by the unique two-tier mode of operation exhibited by a successful Asian-based business. The first level of this operation — the level that creates the majority of the revenues — has offices across several major Pacific Rim cities. However, their offices are also located in adjoining nations that are without much of what we would describe as a middle class.

These are nations whose political response to the West, range from being cautious and untrusting to guardedly hostile. Despite that, Western business practices are in vogue. The opportunity for the second-tier of this Asian operation involves the startup of micro-businesses in economically distressed rural areas — in these non-Western nations. One of the initiatives resulting from this two-tier Asian venture is a community business in a previously poor rural area. This community business creates attractive, decorative products that have become extremely popular in Western gift shops. This venture began with three local entrepreneurs in a village where food was scarce and the future bleak. Currently, most families of this village have a member working for this community business and benefits from its operation have spread into nearby villages.

By employing a core staff and a volunteer network of experienced entrepreneurs and business owners, our community-building programs, conducted in conjunction with Global Initiatives Foundation, result in mobilizing self-sustaining, subsidiaries, while integrating this effort with startup programs that prepare local entrepreneurs with the principles needed to overcome the odds in establishing community-impacting businesses in hostile and challenging environments.  For inquiries, contact

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