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Examples of Assignment Results

During an extended and severe shaking experienced by an entire industry, this client proved to be a survivor. They went into the downturn with a broad, diversified line of equipment supporting their main equipment line. Their respected position in the industry was reflected by their number one share of market in this line of equipment. The next few years they sold off profitable divisions and closed down three of their four manufacturing plants. Their annual revenues went from $1.2 billion to $300 million. With other respected firms going out of business or being absorbed in corporate takeovers, they emerged from this turbulent time with $150 million in the bank. The Ruddick Int'l Group was brought in to assist with their repositioning strategy. Market investigations were conducted with customers, potential customers, the investment community and competitors. Recommendations were made and acted upon. This firm's stock was at less than $7 when they began embarking upon this repositioning strategy. At the end of one year, their stock was at $70.

A successful regional client was expanding their operations by means of corporate acquisitions. Their strategy involved investing in and developing the full potential of select mid-sized industrialized operations representing good synergy and ROI potential. In a recent market due diligence, the Ruddick Int'l Group discovered the current requirements for this acquisition candidate's penetration of the market to be beyond the risk-for-return factor the client was willing to absorb. The acquisition was put on hold for reevaluation at a future date.

A market feasibility evaluation for a new high-tech technology was conducted for a client. Industry authorities and practitioners were questioned concerning the potential and prospect for success of this design. In the midst of the investigation, one executive in a firm with a respected global distribution network expressed serious interest in the details associated with the technology the client had developed. Meetings were set up between the client and the interested executive with serious licensing negotiations resulting.

A presentation business plan was prepared for a firm that was among the pioneers in the check truncation or electronic check conversion business - the business of converting a paper check into an electronic debit. Because of its innovation and service this client had challenged some major players in the financial services industry and had quickly risen to become one of the top 5 competitors. However, this three-year old startup had run out of capital. Within a short period, this presentation plan brought in a choice of two investment partners.

This new startup firm began with an elite executive team from a mix of experienced senior management and technological leaders in their market. Although backed by a Fortune 500 firm, they faced the task of gaining acceptance and successfully penetrating the inner circle of this established industry, as a new operation amidst some respected and very established competitors. The Ruddick Int'l Group conducted a market evaluation that gave keen focus to potential client needs - needs deemed imperative, as well as untapped needs. Their new technologies, along with a clear understanding of what clients considered important resulted in early recognition, acceptance and profitability of their operation. This firm's growth resulted in annual revenues of $70 million by their seventh year of operation.

Due to a keen sense of market opportunity by this client's senior executives, supported by market evaluations and recommendations by the Ruddick Int'l Group, this progressive client embarked upon a strategy to grow-by-acquisition. Numerous acquisition candidates were evaluated during the next three plus years. The Ruddick Int'l Group provided assistance in evaluating these candidates - by investigating the satisfaction of clients, the market reputation of the candidate, as well as the position and strategies of competitors. Some firms represented a good opportunity and were recommended. Others simply did not portend good opportunity, and in some cases a good fit. This client grew by more than $800 million during this time frame, while enhancing their bottom line and position in the marketplace.

This Fortune 100 client, long the leader in their equipment line, had realized the loss of the low-end of their primary equipment line to innovative competitors. Their approach was to make an evaluation of the changing nature of the market they served, coupled with market scenario alternatives for the next decade. The Ruddick Int'l Group conducted an in-depth evaluation of a diverse group of respected industry experts to identify emerging trends and points of opportunity within this client's market. This investigation resulted in recommendations that put this client back in touch with the marketplace with a new customer-driven strategy. It also provided the planning to assist the focus of their R&D efforts in new product development opportunities. Finally, it identified a synergistic opportunity for a new equipment line that became their most profitable division.

After a significant downturn in revenues by a major non-profit organization, the Ruddick Int'l Group was contracted to evaluate donor satisfaction and how contributors who had lapsed in their donations perceived their effectiveness. What was learned was that these donors had very positive feelings toward this organization, but over time had become subject to the appeals of other non-profits competing for their donation dollars. A strategy was developed to make personal calls to the donors, not as a means to raise funds, but simply to bond donor relationships and express genuine appreciation. This strategy resulted in a 35 percent increase in donations over the next year.

A research-based strategic marketing plan was prepared for an organization that had lost touch with the changing nature of the markets they served. The strategies outlined in the plan were acted upon. In the year prior to executing this plan, this firm had losses of more than $35 million. The plan laid out a comprehensive marketing program that addressed a realignment of the firm's entire product line and pricing strategies, while simultaneously embarking upon a major competitive strategy that involved a mix of a new image coupled with a proactive customer service strategy. The reversals were checked, and the firm's profitability was restored within eight months, with a significant increase in profits in the following year.

For decades, the US Postal Service had operated as an regulatory-driven organization. Customer-satisfaction among its consumer, as well as its profitable business clientele suffered. Dissatisfaction and lack of response to the changing nature of customer needs had given rise to a whole new sector of the delivery business - with the delivery services provided by FedEx, UPS and others. A new Postmaster General sent shock waves through this organization of 800,000 employees when he announced that the US Postal Service was now to become a "customer-driven" organization. The Ruddick Int'l Group was contracted by one of the Postal Service's major regions to make an evaluation of customer satisfaction among its top business clients. A perception gap was identified between the client's expectations and the type of service employees at the operational level believed these top clients were receiving. New products, together with communication strategies, training programs and operational customer satisfaction programs were implemented resulting in this region realizing the highest customer satisfaction of any of the regions.

This client was experiencing fast growth and very positive market response to their equipment lines. In an effort to anticipate the turns in the market and to maintain their positive position in the marketplace, this progressive Fortune 500 subsidiary contracted the Ruddick Int'l group to evaluate their European operation and market. The market evaluation of this planning effort resulted in a focusing of opportunity and strategies to enhance customer expectations. Simultaneously, in order to address the increases in competition - from both smaller and larger operations - the unique talents of key players within this client's five European subsidiaries were pooled. The new collaborative efforts in planning, bidding and project management resulted in an increase in cooperation, productivity and revenues within this five-nation region.

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