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Customer Relationship Policy

Each client's business is unique. The mode of operation, strengths and needs of each combine to position them to their customers as they make their mark in today's increasingly competitive market environments.

Clients typically have a good grasp of their goals and objectives - they know what they want to do and where they are headed. But the meeting of deadlines and the activities associated with normal demands of running a business can stretch the internal capabilities and focus of the best run, most progressive organizations.

The services of the Ruddick Int'l Group bridges the gap in providing independent market evaluations and plans that are in sync with our client's goals and mode of operation. We work collaboratively with clients to determine the most effective and value oriented use of our services. Our project recommendations are designed only after gaining a keen understanding of our client's goals, needs and modus operandi.

Simultaneously, the consulting business can often reflect relationships that are more PR-driven than reality-driven. We uphold a standard to tell our clients the truth.

Our business is in providing information, insights, strategy and networking to further our client's goals. We work very hard to establish a balance in the respect we have for our clients; in understanding the goals and challenges they face; and in our diligence, care and professionalism which is foundational to the service, recommendations and plans that form the basis of our customer relationships.

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