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Market Research & Planning Consultants for Oilfield,
Offshore & Environmental Equipment Manufacturers and Contractors

The last decade and a half has brought incredible change to the petroleum and offshore industries. Advancements in technology and heightened competition have narrowed opportunity for some, while resulting in explosive opportunity for others. Our experience concludes that most successful companies learn to manage change through a blend of "strategic thinking," a balanced corporate culture, and staying in touch with the marketplace.

Our business is providing independent, objective plans, strategic feedback from the marketplace, and recommendations based on the competitive position and corporate distinctives of the organization. Our services are designed to point to the turns in the market and emerging opportunities. They reflect market feedback with pivotal insights into the pulse of a customer base or market segment. Feedback that provides a realistic foundation to developing more effective, competitive, credible corporate development and marketing programs.

We've been assisting clients since the mid-seventies with services that translate into such benefits as identifying and capitalizing on emerging opportunities, avoidance of internal biases that miss the turns in the market, fresh insights, an internal commitment to the corporate vision and purpose, and more innovative, market-driven approaches designed as the basis for enhanced, stable performance and long term actionable results.

THE RUDDICK INT'L GROUP is a strategic planning and market research consulting firm with broad experience in serving technology-driven business to business and industrial organizations. As advisors to senior management, the services offered by Ruddick Int'l can supplement its clients' in-house skills and talents, or serve as a stand-alone outside market planning department.

Ruddick Int'l provides strategic plans and senior management reports, the conclusions of which are based on primary feedback from the marketplace. This market-driven approach combines with a strategic-level perspective to become the foundation for decision-making information that focuses on central issues and the interacting dynamics involved in today's fast-paced, evolving markets.

The Ruddick Int'l Group's primary services assist clients with strategic planning, market demand and opportunity assessments, corporate image and market development. Our experience within the petroleum industry has included the areas of:

  • Drilling and Production
  • Offshore Construction
  • Pipeline
  • Refinery and Petro-Chemical
  • Hazardous Waste
  • Environmental Compliance

Our specialties are developing plans and studies involving emerging markets and technologies, as well as evaluations of customers, organizations, and market segments going through change.

Strategic Planning, Corporate and Communications Management Support:

  • Strategic Marketing Planning
  • Market Opportunity Strategies
  • Image Development Support
  • Relationship Marketing Strategies
  • Newsletter and Brochure Support
  • Market Development Plans

Market Research and Feasibility Studies:

  • Corporate Image Research
  • New Product Demand Analyses
  • Feasibility and Opportunity Assessments
  • Positioning & Motivational Research
  • Merger Acquisition Evaluations
  • Direct Marketing Response Analysis
  • Market Development Surveys
  • Employee Climate Surveys
  • Customer Satisfaction Studies
  • Market Segmentation Surveys
  • Emerging Technology Impact Studies

International Market Development:

  • Opportunity Search and Analysis
  • International Market Expansion Evaluations

Our corporate credentials include senior management, corporate development and marketing communications management responsibilities. This experience includes key roles in two successful corporate turnarounds. We also have worked internationally, as well as having served numerous clients on an international basis.

The services of The Ruddick Int'l Group have been retained by a wide array of Fortune 500, multi-national, and progressive mid-sized corporations from around the globe.

Names such as Smith International, Xerox Corporation, Callidus Technologies, Brown & Root, Nippon Kokan, Noble Drilling, Plasma Energy Corporation, M-I Drilling Fluids, Coflexip, Southwestern Bell, CFEM, Sumitomo Metals, SBM, First Mississippi Corporation, Christensen, Inc., Bechtel, TRW, TD Williamson Inc., FMC, United Video, Reading & Bates, MCI Automated Call Processing, Fluor Corporation, Operation Blessing, Bank of Tokyo, Combustion Engineering, Parker Drilling, Shearson American Express, Far East Livingston Shipyard, Lockheed, Goodyear Tire & Rubber, Vetco, Gray and many others are among the clients served.

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