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SEERCAST® Global Forecast: The Paradigm Shifts and Issues of Significance

The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines SEER as "one that sees or one who predicts events or developments." There has never been a time, when the need to "look beyond" traditional worldviews has been greater. The Seercast® forecast is a service and perspective sponsored by the Ruddick Int'l Group as a "see-er" into the issues, dynamics and changes driving world events. Seercast®, as such, is a means to monitor and dig more deeply into the issues, changes and dynamics impacting the course of world events.

Seercast® has been designed to provide global decision-makers who need to better discern opportunity and avoid the pitfalls associated with the rapidly emerging changes of this era, with strategic insights and perspective to trends joining geopolitical, technological, economic, social, ideological and industry developments.

SEERCAST® September, 2001: Connecting the Dots

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