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Communication Research Consultants for Audience Development Planning

Assumptions driving audience behavior have been changing. Audience fragmentation has resulted in intensified competition at every juncture. The new media, cable penetration, DBS, pay-per-view, home videos, CD-ROMS, on-line services and a wider array of participatory entertainment choices than ever before have combined to radically impact audience profiles, expectations and motivations.

Our business is feedback from the marketplace. Feedback that describes motivations. Feedback that is current. Feedback that provides pivotal insights into the pulse of specific audiences and potential audiences. Feedback that provides a realistic foundation to developing more targeted audiences.

We've been assisting clients since the mid-70s with services that:

  • profile changing audiences,
  • describe the audience perspective,
  • avoid internal biases,
  • sharpen promotional and programming strategies,
  • and provide the competitive edge to audience development reflecting the preferences and tempo sought by today's audiences.

THE RUDDICK INT'L GROUP is a communication research consulting firm specializing in media, non profit, and business to business organizations. As advisors to senior management, our audience-driven approach combines with a strategic-level perspective to become the foundation for decision-making information designed to strengthen audience appeal and the impact of promotions and programs.

The Ruddick Int'l Group's primary services of custom-developed, senior management reports based on audience feedback has served client goals of:

  • Audience expansion strategies
  • New program testing
  • Network image development
  • Promotional campaigns
  • Audience and subscriber communication programs.

Our specialty is designing innovative research approaches to evaluate the needs, motivations and characteristics of audiences undergoing change.

Market, Audience and Communication Research:

  • Audience Profile Surveys
  • Image & Positioning Research
  • Program Concept Testing
  • Audience Development Surveys
  • Psychographic Segmentation Surveys
  • Audience Viewing Trend Studies
  • Qualitative Research
  • Audience Appeal and Motivation Evaluations

Management Planning Assistance:

  • Feasibility and Opportunity Assessments
  • Strategic Marketing Plans
  • Merger Acquisition Evaluations
  • Public Opinion Studies
  • Emerging Technology Impact Studies
  • International Market Expansion Evaluations

The services of The Ruddick Int'l Group have been retained by a wide array of Fortune 500, media, non-profit, and progressive mid-sized corporations from around the globe.

Names such as Xerox Corporation, The Inspirational Network, Smith International, The Christian Broadcasting Network, Inc., FirsTier Bank, The PreVue Channel, Philbrook Art Museum, Tulsa Opera, Southwestern Bell, The 700 Club, MCI Automated Call Processing, Cabletime, First Mississippi Corporation, Porter Hospital, Telecommunications, Inc., Oral Roberts University, FMC, World Evangelism Inc., United Video, ATC, Lockheed, Derek Prince Ministries, TRW, Universal Studios, Jones Intercable, Goodyear Tire & Rubber, Good News Broadcasting, numerous radio and television stations and many others are among the clients served.

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