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Market Investigation Approach

Over the years the Ruddick Int'l Group has developed a special expertise with market investigations that incorporate in-depth discussions with targeted groups of decision-makers. These are market investigations rather than market surveys. This results of this approach parallels the pricey methods used by top-notch consulting firms such as Arthur D. Little, and Booz-Allen-Hamilton. Our clients indicate these cost-effective market evaluations as yielding impactful and meaningful results; with them being considered as integral and valuable parts of their market development and strategic planning process.

This investigative approach enhances a client's insights into customer satisfaction, market opportunity, and turns in a given market.   It ensures that the reflection of the marketplace we develop is an unbiased, accurate depiction of the decisions and dynamics at work within the client's market arena.

Our in-depth approach assists in discerning the corporate dispositions and awareness that will impact market alternatives and solutions under consideration.  It also serves to uncover the many subtleties operating in highly competitive markets.  Many clients report that much value is derived from the narratives we prepare taken from the perspective of our sources of information.  

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